The Guam Public Market was originally created as an entity of the Department of Commerce in 1978 through Public Law No. 14-154, Section 47400 of the Government Code.

The primary mission of the public market was:

To maintain and operate under its control a public market or markets for Guam products at such place or places as the Director may deem proper. Any such market shall be maintained and operated at all times in a sanitary and orderly manner beneficial to both producers and patrons alike. Producers and sellers desiring to use space within such market to display or sell their produce shall be levied a uniform fee based on the amount of space used and period of such use.

In showcasing the pride of Guam’s culture and traditions, the concept of a ‘Chamorro Village’ became the intended facility design theme concept. In 1990 and 1991, the public market redevelopment project was approved by the Governor and the Legislature through bond issue authorized by Public Law No. 20-14 and appropriation contained in Section 14 of Chapter III of Public Law 21-03.

The Department of Commerce will strive to achieve its mission through the encouragement, promotion and support of local products of Guam, and through the showcasing of Guam’s culture and traditions. Goals of the Guam Public Market include:

(a) To foster an environment that promotes local products, and the native cultures/traditions of Guam.

(b) To provide support facilities for seminars, workshops, fairs and special activities for the local community.

(c) To create and promote an incubator environment for entrepreneurial businesses to grow and eventually expand into the open market.

(d) To develop a comprehensive marketing program that would promote the business activities within the Chamorro Village.

Chamorro Village Programs and Activities include the following:

(A) Business Facility for the following business categories:

1. Agriculture:

    a) Produce and

    b) Nursery

2. Fisheries/Aquaculture

3. Food

4. Local Products:

    a) Local/Contemporary Arts and Crafts

    b) Guam Product Seal displays

    c) Traditional Arts/Crafts/Activities

    d) Special fairs/events

(B) Cultural Presentations

(C) Exhibits/Shows

(D) Special Events and Activities

(E) Trade Fairs, Seminars, and Workshops


I Sengsong Chamorro has remained a tourist/ and local community attraction for all these years and continues to be a tourist destination. Busloads of tourist arrive for Wednesday Night Markets throughout the year. During the week, small groups and individuals find their way to I Sengsong Chamorro. The Village provides local foods, cultural entertainment in dance and artforms, local arts and crafts and other merchandise, and a place to enjoy the Chamorro atmosphere. A research study conducted in August 2014 indicated that Merchants at I Sengsong Chamorro are interested in building up the Village with a full Friday of activities, inviting the Farmer’s to sell their produce and other organized events on Fridays and Saturdays. Merchants are at the planning stage for building “Historical Fridays” and need the support and advice of the Guam Visitors Bureau as planning continures.